We’re MIT Casino Rueda, a student group committed to helping everyone, no matter their skill level, improve their Casino Rueda. Casino is a Cuban-style Salsa and Rueda, or “wheel” in Spanish, means that all of the couples dance in-sync in a large circle. Here’s what it looks like:

We give lessons every week and teach three levels so that you can jump in and learn something new no matter if you’ve never heard of Casino Rueda before or have already taken a number of lessons. We’re gender-inclusive–we’ll teach you whichever role you prefer to dance (and we call them leader/follower, as opposed to the man/woman’s role), or both roles if you’d like. You do not need to come with a partner, because switching partners and dancing with many people is an integral part of a Rueda and will help you learn more! Come and ask us about what it takes to join our Advanced and Choreography groups, which put on performances for the MIT and greater Boston communities. Explore the website for more information about our lessons and advanced group.